Everyday Pocket Carry, What Has It Got In Its Pocketses?

Felton, California
Comb and tissues live in back left pocket, calendar lives in back right so I don't sit lopsided.

Phone and Wallet live in front right pocket so they are easy to get out. All items that could scratch the phone live in front left pocket.

All of the tools except tweezers go in pocket loose, not on keychain so they are easier and faster to get out and don't poke holes in my pocket or leg.

Switching to the Victorinox Midnite Manager allowed me to no longer carry a separate ballpoint pen or light.

All items selected to make this the lightest, least bulky carry possible while still being able to do everything I want/need wherever I may be.

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Wow a 6p that still works. Congrats
Thanks. Works great. Carried it without a case for most of that time without any problems (mostly due to the way I carry it in my opinion). Finally got around to putting the slimmest case I could find on it (as pictured). Was running a bit slow and losing charge faster until a few weeks ago when I installed the latest OS and it crashed hard so I had to reconfigure it. Now it seems to run fine again.