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Aer Camo Collection

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Aer Camo Collection

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Putting your best foot forward both at the office and at the gym means keeping all your essentials in check, especially if you're an active EDCer making the most of your day. This means your go-to EDC bag needs to work as hard as you do when carrying your gear. With plenty of successful crowdfunding campaigns and collections spanning the entire working, active, and travel lifestyle, Aer have shown that they've got your back  when it comes to keeping you organized. Their new Camo Collection puts a new spin on their flagship bags, giving them a fresh and functional aesthetic to fit right in your active EDC.

For those new to Aer's gym/work bags, you have a choice of two sizes to fit all your gear. The more compact Fit Pack 2 gives you 18.8L of capacity that features a front-loading main compartment and ventilated shoe slot for ample storage for all your workout gear. Its rear compartment comes with a padded laptop slot and pockets for your essentials, and a top handle and comfortable mesh straps and back panel let you carry even the heaviest loadouts comfortably. The larger Duffel Pack 2 comes with a bigger volume at 24.6L and larger dedicated pockets for more essentials like a water bottle. Both bags are also kitted out with sealing YKK zippers and Duraflex plastic zipper pulls for ease of operation.

As the name implies, new to the Camo Collection is the use of camouflage 1000D Cordura nylon for both bags' exterior construction, resulting in a lighter weight and more supple feel in hand compared to the usual 1680D nylon. You may be familiar with it due to its popularity for plenty of mil-spec tactical bags thanks to its strength-to-weight ratio and durability. The Camo Collection comes in a MultiCam black pattern that fits the stealthy, tactical aesthetic, so you can add a standout pack to your EDC without sacrificing performance.

Whether for work, play, or completing the look on your mil-spec EDC, Aer's Camo Collection is ready to take on your tireless days. Pick up the Fit Pack 2 or Duffel Pack 2 direct from Aer at the link below.

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Bruno ·
Ehmm. Uh. Well, as sharp-looking as they are...no, I can't say I myself would go for these manner of bags. They're high-quality (this site wouldn't feature them if they weren't) and of course they look stylish. But I am a firm believer that a bag needs to be Molle-style on the exterior. There needs to be myriad amounts of hooks, clasps, zippers, loops, rings, and pockets. Because most of the time you need to simply reach back and grab something off the surface of your bag. When you're in transit, I feel that one rarely needs to open the whole bag and dig for something deep inside. That's the last thing I want to do in public. Just something I've learned over time, which applies purely to myself.

Suggestion: why doesn't the site do an article on clips at some point? D-rings, ALICE clips, speed-clips, Gator clips...that would be an interesting read. This site already features many kinds of carabiners but there's a wide range of other clips out there, too.

Another idea: I've recently realized the fabulous utility inherent to 'cargo'-style trousers. Why I never gave them much attention before this year, I'm sure I don't know. I'm a fashion-disaster I suppose. My mistake, because I've now revamped my entire EDC. The pockets on cargo pants are enormous and take a big load off my sling bag! I can pack my lunch in one pocket and a textbook in another. I'll never go back to traditional jeans again. There's nothing better to serve up easy-to-reach items. It might be hard to devote an article on various brands, okay I see that...still, they're worth more mention when discussing a holistic EDC strategy, I think!