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Dango Utility Hook System

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Dango Utility Hook System

Even if your EDC bag is as tough as nails, a little extra protection from getting toppled and knocked around on the ground doesn't hurt — especially when you're hauling an expensive laptop or camera. And just like how suspension hooks for your keys keep them within reach and within sight, Dango's Utility Hook system does the same for larger essentials like your bag, headphones, or jacket. It's a machined aluminum hook that counterbalances your gear off the side of a table, counter, or other flat surface for a hands-free way to keep your gear in place while you're between destinations. For something so seemingly simple in its function, it's executed with thoughtful details that set the Dango Loop Hook apart from any ordinary hardware.

The Hook's top hook has a non-slip grip strip that keeps your bag firmly anchored to a surface. Instead of bent metal, the Hook is fully CNC machined from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum for added strength and rigidity. There’s a hole in one end so you can mount it on a keychain. You can opt to keep the Hook on your bag via the machined strap slot too, making it even easier to keep handy. 

The Hook also slides into a wall-mounted dock to keep your home or office clutter-free. The piece that holds the dock in place even doubles as a bottle opener, making it a multi-functional part of your EDC. When the hook is mounted in the dock, it can function as a standard wall hook for your jacket, bag, and more.

While good EDC gear should be able to take a lick or two, the Dango Hook helps prolong the life of your gear by removing the unnecessary wear and tear of plopping your bag on the ground. They make all of their goods in the USA from premium, EDC-ready materials. You can pick up the Loop Hook and Wall Mount in a variety of finishes and materials at the link below.

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Armando Arriaga ·
Hmm, am I seeing something wrong or this just looks like a glorified purse hook? Any carabiner would do for me
James R. ·
I thought the same thing. I think like a lot of things now, companies realize that people like EDC "gadgets" and this is one of those solutions for a non-existent problem (or, at least, few have had issues with before) that they want to try and stir up.
Montana Actual ·
Yea, this is far fetched.
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