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Covington, LA
I like to be prepared and I hate it when my gum packet get nasty and falls apart. This is what I carry often. Not too many changes day to day. My duty carry is a little different though. I hand made the EDC pocket organizer and you can find them on Etsy at TheEDCshop or search EDC pocket organizer. Thanks

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That sleeve is awesome! What is it from? I need to find some!
Thanks. I made them out of elastic. I sell them on Etsy. EDC pocket organizer.
I have been making something similar for a while now for myself. Someone suggested I market them a while back, but I don't have the time nor desire for such an endeavor. Glad to see someone is doing it though!

Yours looks a lot nicer than mine and it looks like a good price too. Don't sell yourself short-- you should tag your product in your post. And maybe think of giving it a catchy name that is recognizable. Something like "Pocket Bandit". Just my two cents. Anyhow, best of luck in your business!
Thank you for the shout out and the advice man. Much appreciated
Just picked one up! Hope it was yours ;)