EDC May 2018

Just updating my current carry.

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Hi. From where did you get your custom Swiss Army knife? I believe it is based on the Compact, but with the hook and corkscrew substituted for the awl and Phillips. I have been looking for one so any info would be helpful. Regards, Justin
Hey Justin,
I got it on ebay from seller "mums_the_words". He mods and sells different variations so you have to keep your eyes open for the configuration you want. You could probably contact him for custom work also.

I also have another custom SAK from Robert Lessard. He makes the best custom SAKs I've ever seen or imagined, but there is a long waiting list and it will be pricey. He makes his own custom scales in different metals and patterns and even machined his own tools, like brass or ti magnifying glass and marlin spike. You can check him out on Instagram. Thanks for the comment.

Thank you that is very helpful I will check those guys out
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