Summer 2018 EDC Work / Personal

East Troy, Wisconsin
Hey everyone here is a simple look at what the bulk of my EDC consists of from day to day. In order of importance I view of item's in this order. Glasses, Knife, Flashlight, Wallet, Watch, Notepad and Pen, Tablet, Headphone's. I use every piece of kit daily or else I do not end up keeping it in my pocket's very often. I went with a lot of these item's as they are able to blend well between my work life and personal life. With work we are forced to sometime's dress in a suit and tie or tux and other time's we are allowed to wear our normal street clothe's it depend's so I want some gear that I am able to use in either type of situation. I do also have a large amount of other gear that get's rotated in quite often. For example I prefer a vintage watch over most modern watches especially Smart Watches so my ZenWatch 2 will only be used for a day a week or so, other then that it is into one of the other watches in my collection.

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Great EDC! A carbon fiber aluminum wallet is so great!