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Gotta love Idaho gear... I have to admit, I bought the wallet when I read it was made in cda... but it is taking over as my favorite wallet because it's so well designed - the leather is breaking in beautifully too. I have been thinking about tracking down a watch band to match it, but I'm not sure exactly how metro I wanna go ;)
You can't go wrong with a leather NATO strap from Craft and Lore :)
I have the same bike chain link keychain! Great minds think alike
Wow, amazing photo! I like the classic look of your EDC.
How do you have that widgy set up? Did u make that?
It's a small chain masterlink... like the thing that holds your bicycle chain together. I picked it up at a hardware shop. Ace/True Value and farm and fleet type stores will all have several to choose from, just go in and pick the one that's the right width for the keys you're wanting to put together. It's pretty small, it only holds two keys, the widgy and small washers between them. I use the little live TI clip to clip the keys to the inside of my pocket ~ don't even notice they're in there.

I cut the keys down previously, but they match the outline of the widgy perfectly. It's not a necessary step but it really streamlines the setup. My keys are the most stable piece of gear I've got, I really like that setup!
Nice! I'll look into that
Awesome photo! What camera do you use?
Hey, thanks! I used my Galaxy S6 and the stock editing software, believe it or not. I have thought about pulling out my DSLR, light box and Photoshop, but I'm really pretty happy with the results I get from my beat up old phone
That is a great photo for a smart phone. I have an S5 and if I get the lighting just right I can get a shot that is good but I usually have to do some color balancing afterwords.
Non-direct sunlight, background with texture, brightness down, contrast up, a bit of warmth, then I use the '"vignette" effect on my camera before cropping to pull your eyes to the subject matter... It's a recipe I even use with full on image processing software ;)