Pack Config Editor’s EDC

Nat Wagstaff
Kent, Great Britain (UK)
I like to share my EDC from time to time as it’s often an interesting reflection on how things have changed…

Pack Config products listed above can be found here:
Ru Stag Bead – https://packconfig.com/product/ru-stag-bead
Watcher Patch – https://packconfig.com/product/the-watch-patch

Check out the full write up here https://packconfig.com/loadout/editors-june-edc

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Ramon Barros III ·
Showing support due to packconfig as well everydaycarry.com and carryology helps me get informed on products that will last a lifetime.
Brandon Helzer ·
Classy A F
Nat Wagstaff ·
Thanks! 👍🏻
Chris ·
Loving the green theme! How do you like the Magpul DAKA pouch? I’ve been thinking about picking one up for a while.
Nat Wagstaff ·
Thanks Chris, glad you like the theme! I love them, I’ve got the same colour in 3 different sizes. They’re constantly my go to pouch to just throw stuff in and go! Pretty much as long as you don’t submerse them, they can handle anything you throw at them! 👍🏻
Chris ·
Very cool! I’ll have to finally pull the trigger and grab a few.