Rojo And Gris EDC

Guatemala City, Guatemala
This is the EDC that I have used in the last 6 months. I decided to reduce the amount of things I carried in my pockets but without compromising the utility, so I took out several items that I carried in my keychain, and exchanged them for a Victorinox Signature Lite that I carry in the fifth pocket, and a Nite Ize Doohikey that accompanies my keys; both have covered my daily needs very well. The Victorinox Compact enters and leaves my pockets depending on the tasks to be performed, but I usually carry it in my backpack or shoulder bag. The Steelix watch and the Bordo wallet have been with me since 2016, and their quality has exceeded my expectations.

With this EDC I decided to work with two fixed colors, gray and red, to give it a more sleek look. The piece that took the most time to adjust to that scheme was the Victorinox Compact, since I had to get a set of Silver Tech handles for it, which was not easy. Now the Compact has a silver handle and a red one, which makes it unique :)

I recently discovered Amigaz products, which are of high quality. I added one of their chains to my key chain, and now it's not only safer but more cool.

Take care, amigos.

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