How to cross-brand-sheath your EDC solemnly

I described all the item good enough I guess. I got to add that I've been having most of the sheaths for 8-9 years now with no use... like I bought them with knowing what EDC treasures they once upon a time might hold ^^

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0880 ·
You must have a lot of belt! Just kidding, you have some nice gear in your EDC.
ando ·
Thank you! My belt size is 85-90 cm (33-35") but I hardly ever keep gear on my belt (I recently kepr my Sebenza on belt in Morocco though). Mostly I use sheaths for protection of the gear. Usually I pack it in 5.11 Rush 12 back - , Moab 6 sling pack or small Tasmanian Tiger Tac Pouch
33ww ·
Do you really carry 3 flashlights and 3 knives every day?
ando ·
Nope, just wanted to show (off) how these sheaths of other brands than the tools kind of "cross"-fit. Most of the time I go minimal with my "W4llet" (handmade in Germany - it defently diserves a mention on this site!) iPhone + Watch, Key's an ONE of an increasing number of rotational knives (I don't care that one-hand-openable knives are illegal to carry in Germany - If you keep them concealed and behave responsible in public, cops won't just check on you like that). I'm going to update a realistic minimal carry!
Eric ·
How do you like that Holy Grail?
ando ·
Hi there, well that's a longer story.
I got it from ebay - used but just to months old.
Price: the retail price in Germany is 399€ (today ~467 $) and I paid 257€ with the shipping ( ~289 $) so I saved quite a lot.

I'm really used to Amazon Prime same day delivery in Germany so waiting 7 or 8 days for the knive (since the guy who sold it took his time) was kind of an excitement whether it will arrive in the first place. When it finally arrived it looked really dirty like it did on the more bad than good pictures of the bid already. I must throw in here, that the guy who offered it, could have made more money by 1 cleaning it and 2 taking some proper pictures.
It contained the original box with the CRK-logo cloth, lube, hex-tool, papers, titanium bead lanyard AND even the CRK-logo leather sheath (32€ retail price here). So I made a good catch after all. The blades edge was razor sharp but looks like it has been used hard at some spots plus very very small breakouts of the edge. I CAN live with it as you only see it taking a very close look! I want to sharpen it but yet I've only learned about steels in theory and using them but not in practice of sharpening yet.
Additionally I tend to treat my knives very very nice and tender, so it's kind of ironic that this - my still most expensive - knive is the most used one 🤫. And so I'm using and enjoying it. It's just beautiful, looks elegant but still makes an unbreakable and rugged impression! It's smaller than I expected though especially compared to the F3 II CF which is the smaller version of the F3 CF.
I learned to disassemble the blade the best way possible (and the wrong way, too! - luckily didn't pinch the washers) cleaned it and lubed it. Before I did that it sounded and felt gritty. Now I know what they mean with the "hydraulic" feeling :)
Seems I still need to get to a certain break in point since I have trouble open it one handed. It has a buttery flow already but the detention ball holds the blade quite tight! And I probably have to get used to that certain angle I have to push to open it up safely. Sometimes I think I might slip of the lug and split my thumb on the half opened blade but that never happened though 😂 - deployment seems SAFE !
In conclusion I like it so much that I carried it on my trip to Morocco recently ( in Boker sheath on belt) and it's my daily rocker.
As one handed knives are illegal to carry in Germany I replace it with an OD Pioneer Alox SAK (2017 edition) or my Boker Urban trapper special two-handed-models for sissy-law-countries where you may carry a 12 cm (4,724") FIXED blade knife but not a 1,5" blade folder that you can open (to a locked condition) with one hand only ...