Can never be too safe

Sam Reyes
IT (age 32)
Houston, Texas
I carry with the idea that if something isn't on me it might as well be on the moon. I need to add a lighter and tourniquet.

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Nwprepped ·
I second the rat tourniquet. i carry one in my front pocket every where i go. i use the readyman sleeve and it works great.
Sam Reyes ·
thanks for the advice!
Nwprepped ·
That ruger is badass!
Montana Actual ·
Awesome carry! Get a RAT tourniquet. They are small and simple as well as easy to apply one handed. A lighter is a great idea too. I rarely use mine but I like having it.

Just out of curiosity, do you IWB both handguns?
Sam Reyes ·
I will look into the Rat TQ thanks! I carry the Glock 19 IWB appendix carry and carry the Ruger in my front right pocket.