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Dango Slate Grey D01 Dapper Wallet

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Dango Slate Grey D01 Dapper Wallet

You don't always need your gear to be “tactical” if you want it to be tough. Case in point: Dango's D01 wallet skews more towards the “dapper” look without sacrificing durability. And now you can keep a low-profile without resorting to the all-black, tactical look with the Dango D01 in Slate Grey. Originally a limited edition, Slate is here to stay, giving you another option for a rugged, minimalist EDC wallet with an anti-bling appeal.

The Slate D01 starts with its CNC-machined aluminum frame, offering structure and strength without the bulk or weight. Top grain leather comprises the main storage section of the wallet for a slim profile and luxurious feel in hand. Finally, a silicone band serves as a simple and easy way to keep the wallet and any loose bills secure. And despite the compact size, it can accommodate up to 12 cards. Other useful features round out the D01, including a built-in bottle opener, RFID shielding, and a lanyard attachment point for more ways to carry.

You can grab the once-limited Slate Grey D01 at a new low price at the link below.

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Redneck Bear ·
What is the knife on the first photo, please?
I've got a similar one at home, probably a Chinese copy, and I'm interested to know the real deal ...
Thanks! :-)