Sub-Humid Superlative Stash

K Fuller
Architect (age 55)
Oakland CA
A modern desktop companion for pills, powders, flowers & pharmaceuticals

With increasing demand in use of modern pharmaceuticals in academic & workplace environments, Sub-Humid chose to focus on the Stash as an elegant static-chronograph to enhance the passage of time. The folks at Sub-Humid say this about their various stash configurations:

"The Superlative Stash is a true destination object; a modern life-stress event-kit with benefits”

"Anyone plagued with the syndromes and disorders of modern academic pursuit may do well to keep discreet altar of favorite remedies, as leverage against psychotherapy"

Superlative Stash – Series “9”
Discreet sheesham wood, cedar free, doner box w/brass inlay - (6.5" x 5 x 1.5)
Stainless steel, o-ring sealed, bi-chamber vault - (pills / powders)
Brass, o-ring sealed vault (x2) - (snuff / concentrate)
Flat card alloy erb grinder / mini folding Monkeypipe
Lab glass block (~72x49x15mm) / alloy wide-hole snuffer (silver)
Eafengrow m390/titanium alloy flat blade
Superior og dragon spinner dr2 brass/r188 bearing

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