Garden center work carry

Student (age 20)
Got a summer job at a garden center. The prunes and SAK are very handy, the watch is thankfully waterproof, and the water bottle is essential working in this constant heat. Coffee because coffee.
The backpack is my design and my very talented girlfriends execution. My idea was a bag for both school and day trips in the woods, hence the sleek but outdoorsy design. I didn't want a school bag which is a chore to get my books out of every class, so I came up with a very simple magnet design. The back simply folds over the front and snaps to the opposing magnets stuck on a stiff flap. Quick to get inte yet strong enough for motorcycle riding for example. Very happy and proud of it!

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Kevin J Meyer ·
Damn, your DIY-backpack looks stunning! 10/10 would carry!
Hugo ·
Thanks so much!
Stephen Mason ·
Everyone loves your bag, me too!
Daniel Watling ·
Hugo that bag is awesome. Ever considered doing a short run of them?
Hugo ·
Thank you! I have, but decided it would be too difficult. I am however going to share te instructions on making it on Instructables, and I will link the page here when it is up.
I’m interested in the bag too!
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