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Hello there, I am new to this EDC hobby. I didn't know it an actual thing but I am happy to find Everdaycarry.com - keep up the good work. I live in a big city in Canada and this is the things I literally carry with me every day [ its work in progress]. I go to the gym 3 times a week and that’s why Nalgene water bottle, Jaybird X3 and durable UAG case with Dbrand Skin is a must for me. I always end up bringing my Raybans sunglasses & Tom Ford optical glasses when I drive or just going to work. I started wrapping the keys that I don’t use often with my girlfriend's hair tie and that really helped with the noise. Oh and let's not forget how amazing it is to always carry an Anker power bank ( usually inside my bag ) and USB drive in a daily basis. Lifesaver!I planned to add a flashlight and some kind of mini multi-tool in my keychain in the near future.

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