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Gerber Flatiron

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Mikey Bautista
Gerber Flatiron

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When it comes to EDC, it's all about matching the right tool for the job. And if the task requires superior slicing or capable chopping, then it's a cleaver that's worthy of a carry. Instead of settling on a slim profile meant for precision work, cleavers are designed to be solid and beefy enough to drive those heavy cuts home. The Flatiron is Gerber's bold foray into the realm of folding cleavers, offering formidable features at an affordable price.

Since a cleaver first and foremost needs to chop well, then it needs the blade to do it. The Flatiron comes with a 3.8” 7Cr17MoV plain-edge blade in the traditional cleaver design, giving you plenty of room for large cuts. You get a slight upsweep near the blade's tip for a bit more control on long slices, while towards the handle you get a large finger choil that allows secures your grip when choking up the knife. And for deployment, a thumb hole is cut into the blade's beefy spine for ambidextrous opening.

Speaking of grip, the Flatiron's substantial handle offsets and balances the knife's large blade, giving you full-handed coverage with its 4.8” length. On one side you have textured G-10 for reliable purchase for your fingers, while a machined aluminum frame lock graces its opposite side. One feature on the knife that you don't usually see on frame locks is an over-travel guard that prevents you from bending the lock too much in the wrong direction, minimizing wear and tear for regular use. Finally, a low-profile pocket clip and built-in lanyard hole lets you EDC the Flatiron as needed.

Whether needing chopping prowess or just preferring the bold style of a classic cleaver knife, the Gerber Flatiron's got what you need. Pick up this robust folder from Amazon at the link below.

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Discussion (8 total)

Felipe Mendoza ·
I just pick mine up, first impressions was awesome, then I third to open with my thumb, my thumb slipped and couldn’t open it. Idk, not happy with how it deploys you almost have to use two fingers or really dig the tip of your thumb into the hole to get it to open. I’ll keep playing with it.
Coffee And Knives ·
This knife has really been growing in me. Sure, it's not without its flaws (almost to be expected from a Gerber knife), but she sure looks pretty. I'm a sucker for a wharncliffe or even better a folding cleaver. This knife was a must have for my collection.
Syafiq ·
gerber had always been the company that can create knifes with great designs albeit poor quality and materials
Josh ·
After reading reviews on Amazon. I think I’ll pass. Cool concept, but the grind makes it more of a straight razor than a cleaver, and it sounds like the spine is too thick and the steel is not great.
Felipe Mendoza ·
You see, now I went and picked up a dessert tan one 🤫
Ted ·
Looks hollow ground. For a cleaver, would prefer a V or convex grind. Any suggestions?
Jadmin ·
7Cr17MoV? Really Gerber? Couldn't spring the extra 2 cents per knife for 8Cr? I mean, it'll probably be fine.. but it's just a modified 440A.. I thought we got away from using 440A in the early 1980s.
Ted ·
440A still has appropriate applications, like dive/saltwater-resistant knives. But for this, I agree.