Lightweight summer essentials

ww, Rhode Island
I tried to keep it light in the summertime but still carry enough Firepower to protect my family. Obviously having a knife is a must the Spyderco tenacious is a really great Everyday Use knife. I keep my music on my gear fit for when I go running. And I find myself using a flashlight a surprising amount. Overall I have just what I would consider the essentials on me .

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M Bear ·
How do you like the P365? Been thinking about getting one as a compliment to my P320
jeff ·
its been good so far. mine has a born on date of july so i got one of the newer ones. already has all the upgrades from sig. honestly i heard alot of bad stuff about the gun but i liked it so much i bought one anyway. so far about 5 boxes of 100rd winchester through it with no issues. super accurate for a sub compact too. i would say if your thinking about it. just do it lol. its a dream to carry
M Bear ·
Yeah I've heard some bad things about them too, that's why I've been holding out. I've never been the kind to be an early adopter though - I'm also waiting to see if Sig releases a version at 2019 SHOT show with a red dot, cause that would be ideal in my opinion. Good to hear yours hasn't given you any issues!