Sunny Winter Morning EDC Blues

Voh Poh
Santiago, Chile
1. I like the marlin.
2. May look silly but they work perfectly, hope black ones come out soon.
3. Finally, no more bulky chiming keys!
4. + 5. Metallic blue much better to spot than my usual jet black, handy for the daily drop & search.
6. In rotation but by far my most carried pocket knife.
7. Light and good drop resistance. In rotation, lost & found every other month.
8. Great concept the french press mug is, can't get enough of them.
9. Gesundheit.
10. Keeps growing in EDC items, slimming in cash & cards.
11. True non itchy wool, very light and portable.
12. Not in photo, forgot to include it! Also metallic blue.

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Franklion ·
#7 & 8 on your list - I have the same set up in blue as well. But instead of the PS4, I have its rival, the Gerber Dime in blue, which hard to find now.