My Current EDC

Tyler D
Indianapolis, IN
M 24 EDC

For work, the gun is removed as I am not allowed to carry there.

I am looking for suggestions to add to my EDC.
I would like to add a small and inexpensive flashlight as well as some sort of multitool.

Thanks for any input.

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Danny Curtis ·
Whoops! Hit that doggone send button, again!! I've got 2 trays full of EDC, with usually only my side arm being the only constant, with every thing else based on a number of variables. Thanks for your input!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Danny Curtis ·
Look forward to the daily EDC pocket dump article. Unless there is REAL, earth shattering news happening, EDCPD is my first read of the day. My EDC varies from day to day, with only