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Dango T01 Blue Line Edition

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Dango T01 Blue Line Edition

Green may be the color of envy, but when it comes to making gear pop, nothing makes an eye-catching statement quite like the color blue. It's the calm, soothing color of the sky, invoking stability and trust, making it the perfect color for a wallet you rely on every day. With the Blue Line Edition, Dango's T01 Tactical Wallet gets a burst of blue colorways, giving it fresh new looks while still keeping its utility-driven, reliable design.

When you think “tactical,” quality and performance should always come first. The features that give the T01 its tactical badge are the same ones that make it an excellent everyday wallet. The T01's high-quality leather feels good in hand, is easy on the eyes (especially with the eye-catching blue tint), while still able to stand up to daily wear and tear. The leather is then attached to the durable aerospace aluminum frame with mil-spec bolts, giving the wallet its signature rugged aesthetic. The wallet still only weighs about 2 ounces so it won’t weigh your pockets down no matter what your activity.

The T01 Blue Line Edition holds up to 12 cards and folded cash, and remains compatible with Dango's MT02 multi-tool, giving you 14 functions while easily slipping into the T01. It lets you maximize the wallet and gives you the EDC edge you need for daily tasks. Even with the MT02 inside, the wallet still only weighs 3.4 ounces and maintains a slim 0.38 inch profile. You shouldn’t rely solely on a wallet if you’re going out into wilderness, but if you need to saw, slice, pry, or open bottles in a pinch it’s a handy backup tool to have. Plus it's more than capable of handling everyday tasks around the office as well without appearing overly tactical.

Each Dango wallet is made in the USA so you know they’re built to last. Whether you're doubling up on the T01 you already own or building the perfect blue loadout, check out the Dango T01 Blue Line Edition at the link below.

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