Carbon Carry

Quezon City, Philippines
Part 2 of a theme I'm trying to build.

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Nice EDC! I really like the watch. I too have a love for carbon fiber, along with titanium and tritium, are my favorite materials. Although I've been getting into damascus and zirconium lately. I think we have similar tastes, but maybe it's just me.
Thanks bud. Haven't been in the EDC game too long, just starting with Black and Carbon Fiber stuff since, I guess this might be where everyone's started. Maybe later will start with the more exotic stuff like you. Will definitely check your stuff out. Thanks for the comments!
Beautiful and I guess pretty light weight as well
Props on the awesome unity in style. Carbon fiber fan?
How could you tell??? :) Thanks man.
You might like "Elephant wallet carbon fiber version". It could be a nice mix up. Ps like your EDC tho
Whoa where did you get the Atmos! Sick Sinkevich design man. Loving your carbon fiber stuff.