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Olight M1T Raider

Mikey Bautista
Olight M1T Raider

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With plenty of EDC-favorite flashlights in their catalog, it would be easy for Olight to rest on their laurels. But that hasn't stopped them from innovating, with fresh releases this year upgrading their entire line with modern specs and features. The M1T Raider is their new champion for the CR123A battery space, taking familiar features from previous popular models, powering them up, and giving the light a fresh new look with Olight's new design aesthetic. It offers all of that while staying affordable, making it an incredible value as an everyday light.

Olight's S1 series of lights have become staples in EDCer's pockets, with a great balance of size and power that make them mainstays as lights that can just disappear in your pocket. From the S1 Baton's exotic finishes, to the S1R's rechargeability, and more recently, the S1 Mini's portable prowess, the line had something for everyone, including significant power drawn from the CR123A cell. The M1T takes a different approach, sacrificing portability to give it more rugged and tactical applications. Its longer frame with Olight's new helix pattern knurling allows for a full-palm grip, which includes a proud tailswitch compared to its side-switch S-brothers. This makes it easier to grip and click while gloved, with a new UI also now allowing momentary activation via the tailswitch.

The M1T combines a Luminus SST40 CW LED (known for its efficiency) with TIR optics to give it 2-stage floody output of either 5 or 500 lumens. You get up to 100 hours on that low setting, or up to 2 hours (after a 5-minute stepdown to 300 lumens) on the high, with no other special modes to muddle up its main focus as a tactical light. The M1T stays light at 2.29 ounces thanks to its aluminum construction, while maintaining a robust IPX8 resistance rating to handle any environment or situation. And as with Olight's new lights this year, a 2-way clip makes it easy to EDC in any orientation.

Simple, effective, powerful, and most importantly, affordable—what more can you ask for from an everyday light? Check out the Olight M1T Raider at the Amazon link below.

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Hammer ·
I got my M1 Raider a couple weeks ago and it's quickly become my favorite flashlight, even edging out my Streamlight 1L. While it's not as tiny as the Baton, the Raider is still very easy to carry in a pocket, and extremely bright. I also like that Olight chose to keep it simple and not have a bunch of different modes to toggle through, etc. The texturing is also excellent and plenty grippy.
Mikey Bautista ·
I really like the 2-mode tactical outputs too! I'm also willing to trade off rechargeability for that IPX8 rating, too.
Micah Gonzales ·
nice! A 1 cell with rear switch and compatible with RCR's wish it had a few more lumens but I guess cant win em all
Darren Tong ·
How do you charge it? Olight style charging dock? Battery with usb port? Or just plain have to charge the battery.
Mikey Bautista ·
None of the above, it's a straight up battery tube for regular and (protected) RCR123A cells.
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