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Slughaus Nanopen

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Slughaus Nanopen

Chances are you could benefit from a pen in your EDC. But if you only need to make quick notes or sign things every so often, dedicating precious pocket space to a full-sized pen might not be the best option. In that case, we'd recommend a keychain pen to keep your pockets free. The new Slughaus Nanopen fits the keychain role with an ultra compact, durable aluminum design and a tungsten carbide tip that doubles as a puncture tool for even more everyday utility.

The most striking quality of the Nanopen is its size. At 57mm long and weighing only 4.5 grams, the Nanopen stays true to its name. Combined with its lanyard-compatible keyring attachment point, the Nanopen offers so many ways to carry it so you'll never be without a pen. The most obvious way to go is on your keys, but you can also wear it on a necklace, use it as a zipper pull for a jacket or bag, or even carry it loose in your coin pocket or travel wallet.

To use the ballpoint pen, you simply unscrew the cap to detach the body. Because of its short length, it's best used for those unexpected moments during the day when you need to jot something down briefly. Aside from writing, the pen's tungsten carbide tip is strong enough to use as a puncture tool, giving you a TSA-friendly way to open boxes and packaging in a pinch. When you're all done, screwing it back into the cap creates a waterproof seal for EDC in all conditions.

You can secure a Nanopen for your keychain at the fully funded Kickstarter link below before the project ends in a little under 4 weeks.

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Eugene Lempert ·
non refillable pens are not interesting.
33ww ·
Plus it's too little to write with.
CyberShadow ·
Plus plus, People should check out previous KS from them. I went in on their Bullet flashlight v2, and while I was relatively happy, it wasn't a glowing success. And they are already talking about a v3.
Falk Hübner ·
Discussion on Kickstarter has also been about "non-refillable by design". I dropped my pledge when I became aware of this, for various reasons (among them practicality and the environment).