Essential everyday carry

This is what I carry off-duty. The thought of this EDC is to keep it slim, not to much stuff and things I actually use. The bare essentials for me are always a flashlight, a blade and a lighter.

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Youri Claes ·
First of I really dig you EDC, its really clean. Second of all I consider buying a Leatherman Wave. It would drain my savings tho is it worth it?
John ·
Thanks Youri. Well, I do not know the pricing in your country but here where I live: If you go to the wrong store it's gonna be costly. But I advice you to check online for great deals. Or perhaps a used one? They have excellent quality.
Youri Claes ·
Well here its like 150 bucks. which isn't to expensive if you have a job and have fine earnings. Sadly Im stil a school going boy so thats why I called it expensive. Im probably just gonna do it.
Youri Claes ·
Thanks I will look in to that
John ·
Fair warning: Not knowing anything about that except that its used and the price seems nice.
You might have luck looking for the 'old' model w/o the replaceable wire cutter blades. I found mine on-sale at Lowe's for $35 USD, 1/3 of the asking price for the new model 👍
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