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Maratac Peanut LED Flashlight

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Mikey Bautista
Maratac Peanut LED Flashlight

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We talk about small flashlights a lot here on the site, and for good reason—they're arguably the best thing to add to your EDC to up your flashlight game. They're easy to carry, stay out of your way, but always up to the task the moment the sun goes down. And when it comes to flashlights tough enough to survive the rigors of your day, Maratac knows their stuff, no matter the size. With their manufacturing prowess and experience they've built their smallest, most powerful light yet, and the Peanut LED flashlight is ready to brighten up your day from the smallest of spaces.

With how small the Peanut is, it's a remarkable engineering feat to make the most of its compact space. Its 1.29” length is able to fit in a Cree XP-G2 S4 LED, a 70mAh 10180 battery, and a tailcap with a split ring. Said tailcap even thoughtfully integrates a design where the split ring sits flush with the base, letting the Peanut tailstand as a candle. And while the 10180 battery is uncommon, you can easily recharge it by swapping the light's LED head with one that has a built-in micro USB port (included with the kit), letting you top up when needed with a power bank or wall adapter.

Its power is anything but candlelike, however. The combination of its LED and battery allows a dual output of either 12 lumens for up to 6 hours, or an impressive 145 lumens for up to 25 minutes, controlled with a twisty mechanism. An orange peel reflector in its head creates a smooth, even beam, making the light ideal for general EDC tasks. The Peanut is also IPX7-rated against the elements, and with its stainless steel construction, it's a light that's sure to last.

With thoughtful design, robust construction, and surprising power from a light the size of an actual peanut Maratac's got the compact powerhouse to add to any EDC. Pick up the complete Peanut kit from the Amazon link below.

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Mikey Bautista

Director of Everyday Carry Operations

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Discussion (5 total)

Andrew Cohen ·
Pick up the light at CountyComm and get a spare battery for ~$3.50 along with a pico-pull capsule it for ~$3.50 -$7,00 (Delrin, copper, titanium, etc.) and you'll always have some light. Great light, and tiny to boot.
Marko ·
I agree with Mikey this is a great tiny light. I have one in brass and love it. The copper one is beautiful too. One thing I want to point out that was confusing to a friend of mine who read this...the tailcap on the light does NOT have a USB port. To charge, you remove the HEAD and attach the USB head in its place. Once charged, replace with the LED lens head.
Mikey Bautista ·
Oh thanks for the clarification, Marko! I'll make corrections to the post, appreciate the heads up.
Raoul ·
Great litle light...I have one on a Maratac pair-ring organizer + picopull with 10180 spare battery...
fidelseyeglasses ·
They stopped making them... Great for what it was, a tiny light with 12 lumens low and 145 lumens high.... one MAJOR DESIGN FLAW: the bottom part of the light eventually slowly loosens on the threads then falls of and gets lost.
I had bought two, one copper and the other steel... the copper end fell off and was lost.. I just put the stainless on and now have a half copper and half stainless one.