Upgraded EDC

Jimmy Liu
Diamond Bar

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James R. ·
Love that Anthem. The ONLY thing I wish it had, were a more deep carry pocket clip. Otherwise, awesome.
Jimmy Liu ·
Yeah, I hear ya. I'm currently looking for other options for that clip. Let me know if you come across anything!
James R. ·
It looks like the standard 3 screw configuration, so I'm guessing the Benchmade deep carry pocket clip would work (the ones that are on the Bug Out, for example). The aesthetics wouldn't match, though. You could always ask Benchmade's customer service for one to try. I've heard them sending them out, without too many questions.
Jimmy Liu ·
It's actually not the standard 3-screw configuration. I have some of those clips laying around, and the holes are just *slightly* off. I didn't call Benchmade, but I heard that someone else has tried, and they were appalled that someone would want to change the clip.
James R. ·
Ah. Bummer! Also, I was wrong to begin with: I looked at my Bug Out and it's only a 2-screw clip. For some reason, I just assumed it was a 3-screw type.
Beautiful knife, your photo does it way more justice than Amazon. Thanks for sharing!
Jimmy Liu ·
Thanks, Joshua! Yeah, I've heard that Amazon has sold knock-offs too.