Stagehand (age 41)
Munich, Germany
Everybody of us knows what a torture is when you´re going on holidays and have to choose the right items for the next two weeks without a chance to change anything for such a long time.
Here down in Sicily the weapons laws are quite weird so for the city a victorinox cadet or my Fällknjven U2 or my new manly wasp (an excellent folder!!) will be enough. When I´m in the woods for a short hiking trip I can give my Wuidara a shot and have some fun carving and batoning some wood. This knife is made from a good friend of mine, actually this one is the third one he ever made so I had to work hard to convince him to sell it to me but the whole work was worth, for fans of Behring made knives, Scagel and similar it might be a very interesting alternative. The good man is also making is own leather sheets...talent, you know!
The G-shock and the wayfarer has been with me for a while now and still I believe that the two brands although they´re budget brands produce reliable products perfect for the everyday use.
The McGizmo is my last purchase and the queen of queens. My first step in the custom flashlight world, I´m so happy I could get one that I keep it on me the whole time!

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I absolutely LOVE that knife. Tell your friend it's amazing.
Great EDC. I always wanted a Haiku, but I'm too much of a lumen fiend.
since I got this one there´s no maratac or olight anymore for me....
If the Haiku came with around 1200 lumens, I'd be all over it. As it is, I went with Oveready BOSS and Moddoolar for high end lights. I always loved the looks of a Haiku though, IMO nicest light ever.
THE flashlight you should have when you get into custom lights. Iam more or less not allowed to use 1000 Lumens or more since I´m working often on stage and for safety reasons ou should avoid such a strong light....
I have the opposite problem. I use my lights during the day, mostly to see in attics, behind equipment cabinets etc. You need much more light during the day and when not in total darkness, because your eyes are not dark adjusted. The worse situation is when you can see sunlight around you but need to see in a dark corner. That requires a lot of light to compete with sunlight.
Nice carry,Seba
thanx buddy
Who makes that brass pen?
well, is just a 2E cheap pen out of Ebay but I love brass and I needed an alternative to my expensive ones, don´t feel like carrying a Mont Blanc while working on a rig