Late Night EDC

Picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8.

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What grip are you sticking on your flashlights? Digging the look.
It's called talon grip. Pretty much any rubber granulated grip with adhesive backing will work. Talon grip is kind of expensive.
Cool, I thought it looked like talon grip. I’ve seen it used on guns before, but never on lights. Nice work!
I even added some to my laptop. custom cut it to fit my palm rest.

For the lights that makes a huge difference in my pocket cuz the clip crabs better and pushes the pocket against the rubberized grip. That was honestly my only reason for adding it because the Streamlight micro came out of my pockets a couple times before.
i would also like to know what holster that is?
It's a couple different parts that I found on Amazon and made them all work for one holster. The holster itself was only like $20 and is the best one I've ever found.
what appendix holster is that?
It's a cheap one I found on Amazon. Then I added some of my parts from other holsters on it.