Black and Red

Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Al3xKmbll ·
Very minimalist and sleek EDC, all quality stuff, you have good taste.
if i have to wear this EDC i'll feel naked.
Haha.. Thank you for your kind words.. I believe that simplicity is key :D
Al3xKmbll ·
My minimal carry for a folder Knife is a SAk Pioneer, it has the perfect combo of tool and toughness for my necessities but I dont know if in your country you have restriction to carry something bigger, all of you gear could work in my EDC, Im looking to get a Firefighter wallet like yours
In my country,we have a restrictions regarding knife and carrying the same..So we manage..For example..This Rally suits me perfect for my daily tasks and I dont need anything bigger for know.. The Recycled Firefighter products are great :D I get this wallet for 19.00$ and Im thinking buying another one..
Edmundo ·
I've tried to carry just a Rally or a Rambler, but it's always kind of tough mentally. I rarely need more knife than that though... maybe tomorrow!