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Gerber Suspension NXT Multi-tool

Bernard Capulong
Gerber Suspension NXT Multi-tool

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When you make multi-tools for tradespeople and military personnel alike, they're going to get the job done. But for the rest of us, that might be a bit overkill for everyday tasks and projects. That's why Gerber created the Suspension NXT—a more compact, EDC-friendly butterfly-style multi-tool based on the original trade-oriented Suspension. And while the new Suspension NXT weighs less and takes up less space in the pocket, it's packed with more features than ever and still fits your budget.

Upon first glance you can see some similarities in the design language of the NXT and the original Suspension, like in the skeletonized handles that save on weight. The NXT keeps bulk to a minimum, weighing in at 6.7 ounces from the original's 9 ounce weight, while also sporting a much slimmer silhouette. With its 4.25” closed length and built-in pocket clip, this is a multi-tool you can carry in your pocket instead of on a bulky belt holster or sheath.

Functionality-wise it retains its externally accessible locking tools for ease of access and safety during hard use. The NXT actually ups the total tool count to 15 from the original's 13, thanks to the addition of a new set of tools catering to EDC including a wire stripper, medium flathead screwdriver, awl, file, and ruler. The NXT's main needlenose pliers are spring loaded for comfortable, controlled performance even during longer tasks too.

With its well-rounded toolset, EDC-focused design, and affordable price, the Gerber Suspension NXT could be the next multi-tool you've been looking for. Check it out at the Amazon link below.

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Darren Tong ·
I was never a fan of the Suspension, but this new redesign does look pretty decent
Darren Tong ·
Have you handled both? How does the new one compare in build quality