My September EDC (few additions)

US military (age 27)
Okinawa, Okinawa
Here my EDC for September so far. I made a couple changes to it since my last post. I added the Gerber compact sport, an upgrade from the small Gerber Dime I have. I just got my hands on Dango products new D01 Dapper bifold wallet and I love it. The notebook was complimentary with the purchase. I have been using it for notes at work. The bracelet my wife made from the Friendly Swede Paracord pack I bought a while back. Last addition is this awesome Asterom Handmade Paracord with samurai bead because I am in Japan after all.

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Precise V5! Curious: are you left-handed?

As a left, I prefer these as the hybrid ink dries rather quickly and I don't smear near as much ink as I write :)
No actually I'm not but I would've been if not for my 2 left handed parents taking things from my left hand and putting them in my right lol