Vertx EDC Courier Bag breakdown

David Sproles
Personal Financial Advisor (age 48)
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
This is my go-to to carry everything off-body that I do not want to leave home without. I don't walk around town with this, but it is with me on all trips, outings, etc. Goes to church with me, can carry just about all I need to have along with my "on-body" EDC stuff. This is perfect for that road trip where you are driving somewhere and want to have all your stuff in one easy to grab place...not sure why I cannot tag everything - so here is a list going clockwise starting at 12 o'clock:
Magpul Technical gloves
SOL Emergency blanket
2 pair gloves
RATS Tourniquet in sleeve
OLight M1X Striker flashlight
Sabre pepper spray
Aladin flask (full with Henry McKenna 10 yr Bourbon)
12" iPad Pro
V-Moda Crossfade bluetooth headphones
10" MacBook Air
Sproles Shooting Instruction stickers (gotta' advertise as you meet people)
Benchmade SOCP-Dagger
CZ P-01 Omega (+2 mags)
Anker wall-charger for iPad/iPhone
Anker back-up battery
ThruNite 10TS flashlight (with white diffuser cone)
Leatherman Juice S2 (granite grey)
Knipex 5" Cobra pliers
Triple Deuces Cuchillo custom knife
Toothpick holder
Saberlight Spark rechargeable lighter
Timberhill Knives Access Tool
Tumbs in a tube
Small bic lighter
2 AA Energizer batteries
DripDrop Berry (the greatest stuff ever!)
Oral IV
Small container with various meds
Classic Dentyne (with real sugar)
Small first-aid (booboo kit)
Favorite/various pens, pencils, Sharpies, etc
Hand sanitizer

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