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Dango T01 Spec Ops Edition

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Dango T01 Spec Ops Edition

We're seeing a shift towards more high tech materials in EDC gear for tactical, outdoors, and general EDC alike. These technical fabrics often have the edge over natural materials in terms of performance, which is what you'd want for a functional EDC. While Dango's lineup of leather wallets offered utility through their designs, the newest addition does it with a material focus. As their first non-leather wallet, the T01 Spec Ops Edition boasts a newly developed DTEX fabric and pairs it with a Cerakote-finished metal chassis for a rugged, military inspired look. Between the blend of materials and color options, it's Dango's most tactical offering yet.

To replace Dango's usual go-to material of vegtan leather, they've opted for a non-leather textile dubbed DTEX. Designed with durability in mind, it's resilient yet flexible like leather but it offers much better water resistance as well as improved grip thanks to its textured finish. The Spec Ops edition wallets offer DTEX versions of both the single pocket T01 and the Bifold T01 to match your storage and organization needs. The single pocket accommodates up to 12 cards, while the three-pocket Bifold (pictured) holds 12+ cards in its more organized layout.

Whichever DTEX pocket option you choose, the Spec Ops Edition wallets pair it with a CNC'd aluminum chassis for structure and RFID-shielding. The metal components in the Spec Ops edition are also finished with the same durable, scratch-resistant Cerakote ceramic coating you often find on firearms. Rounding out the T01's tactical utility is the included MT02 multi-tool, which packs 14 different functions into the size of a credit card.

The Spec Ops Edition T01 is available now in your choice of the single-pocket or bifold versions made from grey DTEX, paired with an OD green or desert sand Cerakote aluminum chassis.

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Michael Mutant ·
I don't need this. Maybe someone else will.
Haha why is it turning into a combat gadget?
Montana Actual ·
I will never understand the point of this stuff.
flip Digler ·
I would love to know how it feels in your back pocket, sitting on your ass?