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Uni Jetstream Prime 2&1 Multi-pen

Ed Jelley
Uni Jetstream Prime 2&1 Multi-pen

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When it comes to consolidating your EDC, you might think the only ways are carrying a multi-tool or an all-in-one pouch. But with school and work back in full swing, now's a good time to think about consolidating our writing gear, too. A multi-pen like the Uni Jetstream Prime 2&1 just might be the last writing utensil you'd need to carry. It's a sturdy multi-pen system packed with 2 pens and a mechanical pencil, built into a sleek metal body that'll look good and last long. Whatever you're working on, it'll provide an elevated writing experienced compared to your standard ballpoint pen.

The Jetstream refills fall somewhere between a standard ballpoint pen and a gel pen refill. Uni’s proprietary ink combines the best features of both inks into their hybrid ink cartridges. You’ll get the silky smooth writing experience of a gel pen with the quick-drying properties of an oil-based ballpoint. The ink is also water-, fade-, and smear-resistant when dry. The Prime 2&1 allows you to load up two different pen refills as well as a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. It’s a great way to slim down your EDC, especially if you need to carry a few different writing instruments to get the job done. Last but not least, its included clip makes it easy to slip into your backpack, briefcase, or keep in your pocket.

The Uni Prime ships with a black refill, a red refill, and 40 spare NanoDia HB pencil leads, packaged in an exclusive gift box. It’s available in black, silver, or navy finishes at the link below.

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Youri Claes ·
This looks like a really good EDC pen for a student
Paul Tobeck ·
I wonder if the regular Uniball refills work with this. Price is do-able with all the extra functionality. Not a fan of the Jetstream ink unless they've improved it within the last year or so. Wasn't as smooth as the reg Uniball pens or my go to G2's, and tended to get clumpy and difficult to start smoothly if not used regularly.