Uyimbube, The Lion Sleeps Tonight

This completely blacked out set-up is perfect for a lion to stalk around at night, or take a nap in the cover of darkness!

It took a couple of months to curate this collection. Each piece had to fit the overall color theme, had to be compact, light, and most importantly, functional. Even the split rings that came with the custom Manager and Olight were replaced with black ones. With all pieces attached they disappear into my front or rear pocket, tools ready at a moment's notice. Having everything on carabiners brings a ton of carrying versatility, allowing me to switch between different keychain setups.

After looking at several of the popular HK clip fobs I landed on SwiftAction (Believe me, I looked at them all!) I wanted something as short as possible and in all black, including the ring. The store had several options (D ring, split ring, open loop, or another hook) and it looks sleek and clean. It's a solid and quality product. I'm not using the SideSlip yet as my daily carry but have tried it and it's pretty genius in design and materials. Check out the video on the site to see how to put it on and take it off. How many of us have a minimalist key ring that securely attaches to a loop and is made of Kydex??

Special note to Gatura and the owner's amazing handmade beads. The lion is craftsmanship at it's finest. It's bold, big, and hefty. Also huge thanks to 3SisterWishes at Etsy. They were the last piece and provided the split rings in the two sizes and color I needed. It was actually incredibly difficult to find those sizes without paying for a 100ct in silver only!

Overall, I'm loving the set-up and by posting where I got each item from will hopefully help you in curating your own.

Victorinox Manager with custom black scales from: https://www.ebay.com/usr/central_valley_wholesale_goods

Single Snap Hook Fob w/ 1 Inch D Ring from:

SideSlip Minimalist Key Ring from:

Lion Bead/Paracord Keychain from:

28mm and 10mm Black Split Rings from:

Everything else was found and purchased from Amazon, KeySmart and CountyComm.

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Montana Actual ·
Awesome. I have to see it all together as it would go in your pocket. This is pretty sexy. I have been looking for black keys everywhere. Thank you for sharing.
Franklion ·
I can't attach a picture here but I can post it in the FB group.
Montana Actual ·
Just do it for your next drop ;)
0880 ·
I agree. Sourcing the products is one thing, but artfully putting it all together is the tricky part. I would second the request to post up your completed keys next time.
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Whoper Sr ·
Did you ever post in the FB group? Like Threeper, I would love to see how you put it all together.
Franklion ·
Great question! I'll try to make a submission and post a link to it there. It will make an interesting story of expectation versus reality! I learned a lot with this experiment.
Whoper Sr ·
As someone who is just getting into this whole EDC world, I would love to hear what you learned.
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Nick J ·
Love the lion from GATURA that guys work is amazing. Got one of his skull beads that I carry every day.
Franklion ·
The pouch comes with a skull bead on the zip but I wanted a knot instead. He sent it to me separate anyways! I'm not a skull guy but it's definitely a piece of art.
33ww ·
2 keys and 15 keyrings? OK