Today's Ti Carry

For those that haven't discovered the joy of a slip joint knife and those that have and are die-hard collectors if you haven't discovered the lion still roundhead do yourself a favor and get one it will absolutely positively stun you. Fit-and-finish materials our bar none and more importantly it's at a price point that all can truly afford at $130 shipped. Everything is spot-on with this knife the spine which is the Locking bar is radiused entire length top of the blade is radiused it has a double nail pick that looks almost like a fuller all edges are rounded and it is a joy to carry in the pocket or in a slip. This knife does come with a super steel m390 and is laser-sharp out of the box. There are other models of this knife there's a clip point and a wharncliffe along with other scales materials from stag to Woods micardis and as pictured carbon fiber. The roundhead is one of those knives that is a must-have in a collection.

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