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Construction (age 33)
Omaha, NE
I’m pretty proud of this set up. It took a lot of trial and errors with products until I came to this setup. The only thing that alternates is the knife. I have a handful of knives that I rotate in however I like the dagger the most because of it’s quick self defense draw.... very easily concealed. The serrated edge makes it a pretty good utility knife, whoever the ergonomics as a utility knife is not the best.

The phone case is the best I’ve ever had, beating Otterbox quality at a whooping $13.

I repurposed the Recycled Firefighter front pocket wallet, using it to store my pen, flashlight, squirt and cash.

I only carry the Leatherman Rebar while working and absolutely love the RAEgearUSA sheath. It’s easily the most used tool I own, using it at every service call I go to. The sheath makes it easy to draw.

The wallet is also the best I’ve owned. It has two I.d. Screens, which I use for my license and CCW. I also carry a S&W .380 Bodyguard when some of the time.

Finally, I love my Mantra Band. It says “one day at a time”. I’m three years sober and it reminds me of how far I’ve come.

Hope this helps your EDC ideas. I love the site... wife thinks I’m nuts.

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Al3xKmbll ·
Yeah man!! We all are nuts!!!... there are just few people that understand.