Autumn Day Carry

Jake Saunders
Physician (age 29)
Layton, UT
These are my light and functional tools for working around the home and in the hospital. I just added the EverRachet from the kickstarter recommended by everydaycarry.com.

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Billy ·
Nice EDC! Ratchet is goto also fan of Multigrip tool!
Al3xKmbll ·
Good EDC!! could you share your thoughts about the reverb? It has a very good look, but what about the edge retention (taking on consideration the type of steel)?, the lock it is tight? blade play?
sorry for all questions, but I'm considering buy one of them.
Jake Saunders ·
The Reverb has been a great knife. I primarily carry it because it has a great deep carry pocket clip that is very subtle and looks like a pen. Additionally, it’s very lightweight, weighing about 2 ounces. One feature I don’t like is the framelock has a bar in front that makes it difficult to actuate to unlock. Other than that I’d say its quality is what you’d expect of Kershaw -excellent for the price but not quite as good as like a Benchmade in regards to lock up and blade play. Edge retention is great for everyday tasks, I rarely have to sharpen it.
Al3xKmbll ·
wow, excelente review!!!!, I thank you for take your time and answer to my question, I'll go for one of them.