Minimal Essentials Carry - Black and Orange Halloween EDC

Saint Paul, MN
I love this EDC. When you go minimal, you need good gear. So I've grabbed the insanely tough Buffalo Billfold Company Black Leather Money Card Clip, a Smith & Wesson Pen for writing, an iPhone X (reliable without much maintenance required), a Plantronics headset for the car, and my keys (on a 35yr old Buffalo Billfold Company leather keychain that they don't sell anymore).

1. https://buffalobillfoldcompany.com/shop/black-buffalo-leather-money-clip/
2. https://smile.amazon.com/Smith-Wesson-SWPEN3BK-Aircraft-Refillable/dp/B007HJJVL6/?tag=bg999-20
3. https://www.apple.com/iphone/
4. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DQ5RHK2/?tag=bg999-20

My favorite item in this EDC is the Buffalo Billfold Company leather money clip, This is a brand new clip I just got yesterday. My previous one lasted me 15 years+ and is still going, but it's brown and I decided I wanted to try a black one. The Wallet I got from them 32 years ago is still completely functional as well. They make strong leather goods (handmade) that last forever at a reasonable price.

My second favorite item is the Smith & Wesson Pen. I've had that for about 5 years now and it has taken a beating. It writes really well and the stylus works well too. I haven't had to use the other tip to pierce a window to break free in a trapped car yet (thankfully!) but it's there if I need it.

I added an orange card in the money clip and chose black items to represent my Halloween carry this year.

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