Fall EDC

Victorville, CA
I really need to stop carrying so much stuff? anyway heres some of my edc essentials for fall, the boots are made in the U.S and are by far the most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn, with little to no break in period.
The small utility knife is also made in the U.S has become one of my favorite things to carry its made by Gil-Tek check them out !

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TexEx ·
Cool pic, very original. I should check out those boots.
Benjamin K ·
Nice kit! How do you like the Olight?
The olight is almost perfect, definitely could use improvements, the pocket clip needs better retention, its slips out too easy, I flexed it in and thats working for now, alsoI wish the tail switch was a little harder to press or recessed so it cant be accidentally turned on while in pocket, Other than that its great!
Benjamin K ·
That's great to hear! I've been looking at that one for a while because I have some weird thing for Olights, don't know why. Maybe that blue color scheme they have. But I keep going back to the Maglite Solitaire because I grew up with Mags and they're made in the US, even though it's not nearly the performer of that Olight. Love the watchband too, thinking of getting one from that same company for my old Timex. Nice to meet another teenager here lol
I love Olight for the same reason too plus they’re just damn good lights! Cant go wrong with Maglites either, I keep one in my truck and on my nightstand at all times. Nice to meet you too🤘🏼