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KeySmart Leather

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Adam Molina
KeySmart Leather

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Like wallets, your keychain tends to get bulkier over time as you continue to add to it. Before you know it you’re carrying a jingling mass of keys that are both loud and uncomfortable. If that sounds like you, you should consider something like the KeySmart Leather. It takes all the features that made the original KeySmart such a useful essential and wraps it in a gorgeous new genuine leather, giving it a refined look and a comfortable feel.

The KeySmart Leather lets you swap your mess of keys out for a stylish, sleek, and minimal key organizer. Throwing your keys on a carabiner or in your pocket works, but you're left to deal with uncomfortable pocket bulge, noisy jingling, and dead weight. The KeySmart Leather solves all of those issues in one fell swoop thanks to a clever two-post-and-plate design. You carry up to 10 keys end to end, resulting in a quiet, functional keyset that's roughly the size of a pack of gum.

Getting to the key you need is as simple as locating it and swinging it around the post. And because the KeySmart Leather is able to accommodate all your existing keys you won’t need to get any new ones cut. Each KeySmart comes with a small loop for pairing your car key fob or bulkier items you still want on your keychain. But for a more seamless solution, you can probably find a replacement that integrates into the KeySmart like a USB drive, Nano Torch Flashlight, pocket knife, and of course a bottle opener.

If you haven’t had the chance to try out a key organizer in the past, the KeySmart is an EDC classic. You can convert your carabiner full of keys into a functional and modern tool that won’t look out of place whether you’re out around town or in the office. The premium leather adds a touch of style that was missing from the previous models and it comes in a black or tan colors to match your EDC. Check out this new leather upgrade on Amazon at the link below.

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Antoine ·
Heard about KeySmart some time ago and bought it for my wife and I. As soon as they arrived, I put them together and makes carrying keys much easier.
Can we get links to the other tools on the keychain?

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