Work Day Pocket Dump

Florida, USA
Yesterday's post showed one of my old carry setups, but this is what's typical for me for my day to day work. I use all of it pretty frequently and because of the immense amount of pockets, it's easy to stow this stuff. Also the shades are normally on the top of my head. Yeah, the reg dictates not to do that, but that's where they go when not in use. It's science.

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whats that snazzy grab bag holding your Gerber and Light?
A good buddy of mine has a side business/hobby of taking high quality cordura fabric and making various types of pouches, wallets, panels, and even packs. He custom made a panel for his Tacoma that spans the area under the rear window and that thing has provisions for an AR pistol, mag load outs, G19, med pouches, and ballistic panels! Anyway he made all the guys in the shop this cargo pocket pouch. When I get back from my TDY, I'll post a layout of it and all the stuff inside. I'll also check with him and see if he's taking orders for any of his stuff yet.
sounds good. it looks very useful and its the perfect size.