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When I was a young man and I was graduating from 8th grade, my Grandfather took me aside and gave me three gifts and some advice that I have headed ever since. He told me that a man always kept three things on him. A knife, a watch, and silver in his pocket. As he said this to me he gave me one of his own small pen knives, my first “nice” watch ( a Timex I was only starting high-school at the time ) and Silver Barber 1906 .50 cent piece. The watch is long gone but the pen knife is still kept safe in my dresser caddy and the coin is in my wallet to this day.

After he passed I have since carried one of his handkerchief and I think of him every time I reach into my pocket and know I have what is needed because of his advice. I have since added to Grandpa's "Basic 3" but I am sure he would have approved of the additions.

Working in the Construction Sales and Rental field its always smart to have a few extras in your pockets like pen and paper to scribble down orders, equipment model numbers as well as reminder notes. Also since the industry is all about safety I wear prescription Oakley safety glasses all day and I need a good way to clean them hence an Oakley glass cloth/bag.

Knives for cutting, opening and all the other services they get drafted into are always needed and the "2 is 1" rule is one to live buy.

Communications is also a key point in today's world and I HATE to always have to upgrade my phone so I have found myself buying a flagship model when they come out so I can use it for as long as possible before upgrading again. Also the phone and case are extremely thin so they don't take up too much space either.

Space and weight are also the reasoning behind my carry piece. The S&W 38 is nice and light and still can pack a punch in a tight space!

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