October 2014 EDC

Newark, DE

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Bernard Capulong ·
Love seeing the wear on all that gear, good to see they're being put to use! How do you like bolt action on an EDC pen?
All functional gear here! That pen is actually a lot of fun. Just like how most people will click a clicky pen over and over, you'll end up doing it with this for sure. The entire thing actually gets more and more smooth as you use it too.
What is the challenge coin for?
It was a gift from the founder of the company. Challenge coins in general have some interesting history that's worth a Googlin' ;)
I was hoping it was gifted. I was gifted mine from the military. Good on you. If I challenged you at a bar would would by the round? For military folks it is who has the "better" coin. Someone pops out a coin from the Command Master Chief of your rate that is hard to beat.
That depends. I have a few coins I've been given that I may carry if I think I'll get challenged but with the crew I hang around, we've just been having a good time with it. No pressure really, just a good ribbing if a coin isn't produced.
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I'm a 16 year Air Force pilot.....our tradition: You smack your coin on the bar. If anyone on your crew doesn't have one they buy the round. If everyone has one, whomever threw down the coin buys the round. You drop your coin on the ground and you automatically owe a round. In general, one carries a coin that has meaning to them (your unit, one received as a gift, one received as an award, etc.)