Bare Necessities

This is my current "On Body" EDC. I carry more stuff like a smartphone and waterbottle, but they are in my bag.
I've tried an automatic watch(Seiko 5),but I backed to the Citizen bacause its reliable Eco-Drive movement and easy-to-read military-inspired face works well for me.
The knife is small but enough for small everyday tasks like sharpening a pencil or opening boxes. I love Spyderco's iconic design.
I prefer a pencil when I take notes a lot. The Midori Brass Pencil is perfect to carry a pencil in pocket.
The Fenix E16 is a big update from the Mag Solitaire. I love it so far, especially the UI.
The wallet is designed by a Japanese architect,and works well with many coins, some cards and non-folded bills.
I've been carrying a hank everyday since I was 5 years old.I mostly use it to wipe my hands after washing.

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I remember the brass pencil holders from elementary school - almost 50 years ago.
Great EDC!
You are an analog minimalist like myself. Love the watch, pencil and small Spyderco.
Agree about the solitare, like the small size, but it just does not put out enough light.
Everything is small and light, so there's a high chance you will have it with you when you need it!