Post-Thanksgiving weekend carry

Pittsburg, CA
Most of the gear you see in this photo can all fit into the rickshaw pouch, making a organized less cluttered carry.

the two items that are not being carried in the rickshaw are the CRKT pilar and the SAK in the Hitch and timber.

lately, i have taken on writing and sketching, and now use a pocket notebook to be with me at most times. having the sukecchi and the rotring mechanical make for good for my sketching and writings.

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How do you like the Pilar? Been thinking of getting one...
I like the pilar, it is aesthetically pleasing to me, feels really good in my hand and over all a fun knife.

Now one thing is for some people with large hands I heard them complain about the knife being to small.

Over all I recommend it, it is a fun pocket knife and it's very affordable, right now it is going for like 22 bucks on bladehq.com
Thanks for the info!!