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J.S. Leonard

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J G R ·
Nice set. Do you carry a Tac folder and a small folder for any specific reason?
J.S. Leonard ·
I really don't like the term Tac folder because nobody uses them tactically. I carry the larger folder for larger task and I carry a small folder to do the mundane daily tasks.
J G R ·
I use the Tac term for a folder that I will use as my first line of defense. Before transitioning to a fixed blade or pistol if the situation dictates. Not all my folders are tactical some are just for random daily things. Great point though, I always considerd if someone labels their knife "tactical" that it was exactly that. Some people just want to be Tacti-cool I guess. Great page by the way!
J.S. Leonard ·
Appreciate it Brother. What I normally carry if I go out and about of course a concealed handgun carried appendix and on my weak side clipped in my front pocket of Benchmade SOCP, hands down the best fixed blade for self-defense. I'm not a big fan of using a folder as a defensive weapon unless it's the only thing available. Always go to the fixed blade first if it escalates and of course you can go to your sidearm. That's the great thing about the SOCP is this design to be used with a handgun.
D Hill ·
I really like the Investigator Pen; it comes across as much more subdued than my SureFire Pen. I receive too much unwanted attention during day-to-day activities, and I refuse to fly with it. Have you experienced any difficulties using it as an everyday pen?
J.S. Leonard ·
None whatsoever it pretty much flies under the radar I've traveled domestically and internationally with it and airport security has no issues with it whatsoever.