M&P9c Hybrid

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
I have been carrying either an M&P 2.0 or an M9A3 for the better part of 6 months now. I found that I will be spending some time in CO or VT in the next few months, so I wanted to get something that would be smaller for carry, as well as making sure to not run afoul of any of their Mag laws.

After picking up an M&P9 and a Compact, I decided to make a hybrid, using ATEi's Hybrid Adapter kit. It fills the gap in the front of the frame, as well as replacing the captured RSA with a stainless steel guide rod and flat recoil spring. It shoots very well without the snap of the Compact's shorter slide. And it conceals so nicely!

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Very nice carry. You should have looked into the m2.0 lineup though. Mine is a 3.6" in .40 and it's easily concealable, still packing 13 rounds. 9mm would be 15. They have a variety including a 4" version too. Overall, the 3.6" feels perfect to me. The grip is amazing too. They really stepped their game up and catered to the "modding" market that most Glock fanboys run to. If you get a chance, go shoot one, or even just ask about it at the counter next time.
I have a 2.0 FS 9mm that is my EDC. The issue for concealment is the grip. The 2.0 compact wasn't that much smaller than my full size, where this one has a shorter grip than my Shield has, with 5 more rounds available.