HYPEBEAST x Everyday Carry Present: "Incognito Carry"

HYPEBEAST x Everyday Carry Present: "Incognito Carry"

When it comes to gear, for many EDCers, black is the colorway of choice. We can definitely see why —  black is beautiful, bold, powerful, and mysteriously cool. It's got a versatility that lets it mesh with your other essentials, your personal style, and your lifestyle. It doesn't draw attention to itself immediately, letting the utility of the item speak instead.

We put together this complete EDC of all-black, "Incognito"-themed items for this buying guide. We picked the Benchmade Mini-Griptilian knife for its excellent locking mechanism, ambidextrous deployment, and comfortable size. The OBSTRUCTURES A2 plate wallet ($40) is a durable, modern alternative to bulky leather rectangles. The Silent Whisper keychain blends luxury with a military-inspired ruggedness. The tried-and-true Fisher Space Pen ($28) and Field Notes notebook ($10) will serve you in the field and in the office. Lastly, the Lum-Tec x DSPTCH Chronograph will turn heads, but still keeps it low-key.

Our friends at HYPEBEAST shot and produced this slick short film highlighting these items being worn, carried, and used in practical everyday applications. Enjoy the shots of these essentials in action in the video player above. Like what you see? Hover over the image up top to learn more about the products featured in this guide and video and how to purchase them.

For more fashion, culture, and men's lifestyle content, head over to HYPEBEAST.

Photo and Video by HYPEBEAST

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