The Copper and the Beast

Minsk, Belarus

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I'm looking for a TSARAP as well. Any distributors in the USA? how else can I get one?
I'm seriously looking at getting a TSARAP. What's your honest take on it Pros cons things you wish they would have done.
Actually if you like the specific shape of the blade (like I do) there are no serious cons.
D2 is well-tempered and rings like a bell when cutting (61-62 HRC to my feeling).Good slicer.
The handle is comfortable in any grip and they have a choice of black, desert tan and 3D orange ones.
Opening is smooth and the lock is safe.
Deep-carry clip.
Probably, a little bulky on pocket, not a con for me.
Not too much to say.
Nice knife with charm or charisma if you wish.
As we say, a lot of knife for the money.